Thousands of graduating college students across the country are preparing to close this current chapter and open another. Many students do a lot of reflection around this time of year, and Lipscomb University’s Trey Phillips is no exception.  

Phillips will be graduating with a bachelor of science in civil engineering and a minor in applied mathematics. He said his experience at Lipscomb has been much more than formulas and equations.

“The word that best describes my time at Lipscomb is fun.” Phillips said. “Meeting new people, learning new ideas, and challenging myself has been very fun. These four years really helped me break out of my shell.”

It’s no surprise that Phillips had a rich experience while at Lipscomb when you consider his extracurricular resume: 

–        President of the Lipscomb chapter of The Collegiate 100 and four-year member 

–        Former Black Student Union president and chaplain and four-year member 

–        Member of African Student Association

–        Member of Presidential Student Advisory Council

These experiences have allowed Phillips to make quite the impression on the Lipscomb community. Prentice Ashford’s time as dean of Community Life started just one semester before Phillips’ arrival, and Ashford gave him high praise.

“Steadfast and reliable are the two words that immediately come to mind when I think of Trey Phillips,” Ashford said. “He is a person who came in as a freshman with high expectations already on his shoulders and he exceeded those expectations. He has been a vocal leader among students in a space where representation matters.”

Phillips will be taking those qualities into his next venture as an employee at Collier Engineering, a local multi-disciplinary consulting firm after he graduates. He hopes students coming behind him can enjoy Lipscomb in the way that he has.

“If community is something they value,” Phillips said, “then their time at Lipscomb will be filled with great memories. The direction that President McQueen is taking the university will only enrich their experiences.”

Phillips will be walking with the rest of the undergraduate class of 2022 at 3:30 p.m. May 7 in Allen Arena.

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