Students often turn to their school for ways to help meet their needs. Many times these can go beyond what is provided through academics.

College campuses are filled with students who work jobs on and off-campus. Students work these jobs for a variety of reasons, ranging from trying to pay tuition to just having a bit of spending money.

Student workers contribute to the daily operations of the university through their efforts.

At Lipscomb there are 626 students who are currently employed by the university. Outside of class, they can be seen by their peers working at Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, or as a tour guide just to name a few jobs.

 “These students also benefit from networking and forming meaningful relationships with other students, faculty and staff,” said Lynn Chappin, director of Human Resources. “On-campus jobs provide income for students in a convenient work environment.”

A plus side of being a student worker is being able to prioritize school while working a job. At Lipscomb’s Beaman Library, Kahwit Tela is a student worker who oversees the reference and circulation desk.

“One thing I’m really grateful for with my job at the library is their flexibility,” Tela said. “If it’s slow and there’s no one really around, we can do our work.”

Tela said working in an environment where you can do homework on the clock is most definitely a pro when having to manage time.

“We can focus on our studies while also getting paid,” Tela said.

More information about on-campus jobs at Lipscomb can be found at this job board.

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