It’s been quite the season for the Lady Bisons of the Lipscomb Softball team. With an overall record of 17-28 this season, there can be many aspects to reevaluate which contribute to the team’s performance.

Head Coach Kristin Ryman said she notices how even after two years since the start of COVID-19, creating a close team bond can still be a challenge. 

The pandemic has had the power to shift the way communication and interaction occur, affecting numerous amounts of people. Included in this number is the Lipscomb softball team.

This year there are six freshmen, who comprise nearly a quarter of the team.

“In a sense we’re playing catch up a little bit this year with still getting to know them,” Ryman said.

The team is known for having a few traditions that help build comradery within the group. These include a blind karaoke, sleepover in the locker room and playing hacky sack before games.

“That connection piece is huge for us,” Ryman said.

Avery Cox, freshman catcher/infielder, said that the culture of Lipscomb softball is unlike any other team she has been on.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman or if you’re a senior,” Cox said. “Everyone’s happy for you when you get your chance.”

With the bond rebuilding underway, players like Cox should begin to see how it will transform how the team plays together.

The team’s conference record sits at 7-11. The ASUN tournament will take place May 11-14 in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Photo via Lipscomb Athletics

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