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Lipscomb Bell Tower Eclipse Time Lapse Final

The total eclipse of 2017 came over Nashville on Lipscomb University s first day of the 2017 2018 school year. I was asked to shoot video of the event, but what to shoot? I decided to try a time lapse of the event using Lipscomb s iconic Bell Tower as a reference point. I recorded video for practice and for compositing the previous Thursday Friday, and also to determine timing, camera angles, and get experience with the eclipse grade solar neutral density filter. Video was shot and recorded with a Panasonic AG HMC80 video camera equipped with a Formatt HiTech Firecrest 72mm Eclipse Filter (ND 5.4, 18 stop). The eclipse first phase began at 11:58 AM locally and completely ended about 3:00 PM, with totality lasting 1:57 between 1:25 to 1:30. I began recording at 12:15 PM, since the sun did not clear the Bell Tower from my optimum position until 12:20. The first few minutes are without the solar filter, but when the sun cleared the tower, I had to install the solar filter. At that point, ONLY the sun could be seen in the video, so at this point the video switches to a composition with video shot of clear skies to illuminate the Bell Tower; the camera s video of the sun is then keyed on top of the video. Iris controls had to be done manually. I then sped up the video in editing to compress time from 12:20 1:25. It was amazing how much light the sun gave during the eclipse; it did not noticeable darken until very close to totality. As darkness approached, I reverted to normal time added in the sound of the crowd near the tower. As totality began, the eclipse filter was removed, but its removal was edited out of the video. Once the diamond ring effect began, I had to re install the filter (also edited out) and resumed time compression until the sun moved off screen.