How do Lipscomb students take a study break from finals? By visiting our furry friends!

Lipscomb’s therapy dogs have been visiting the school through Music City Pet Partners since pre-covid times. 

This past Wednesday, our furry friends came from 10 2 p.m. at the Beamen Library. 

Each group, one person and one dog, has gone to several places through Music City Pet Partners. 

“… We mostly visit universities during finals and Vanderbilt hospital to visit with the nurses and staff,” Estella said about her Pomeranian, Monti. 

“We are fairly new to the program. But, he had been going with me to Room in the Inn, which is an organization that helps people dealing with homelessness. So, even before he got certified, he was doing some of this,” said Jean about her Goldendoodle, Ralphie. 

Monti and Ralphie’s owners shared several moments that have touched their hearts throughout their time at Music City Pet Partners. 

“My favorite moments are when we visit the nurses and staff at the hospitals… you can tell when it’s been a super stressful day- and they don’t just hug my dogs, they lean into them,” Estella said. “Those are my favorite because that is why we are doing it, it’s to offer relief and comfort.” 

“One of my favorites is when we do go to the Room in the Inn, and folks who are living on the streets just love the fact that they can be loved by him,” Jean said. “What is so special to me is that he is able to offer that love to them and they soak it up.” 

Students at Lipscomb soaked up Monti and Ralphie’s love today in the library, too! 

“To bring our dogs to people and watch other people find joy in our dogs is just a gift- I see it as a real blessing.”

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