Finding a place to study on campus during finals week can be difficult and sometimes even stressful.

“Studying on campus ends up being super crowded during finals week, so it can be hard to find a good, quiet place to concentrate,” said Lipscomb senior Allie Glenn.

Students crowd Starbucks and Au Bon Pain to quench their caffeine needs. Classrooms are utilized as quiet study spaces. Then there is Beaman Library, where study rooms are hard to come by as students pack

“Most of the study spaces are taken from 7:00 a.m. to 3 a.m., so it is hard to find space,” said Hayden Hall.

On top of lacking space, some students find being on campus a distraction to their studies.

“If I end up studying on campus I’ll likely just end up socializing because I’ll always run into friends,” said Glenn.

“People are very loud, and I like to talk too much to people I know,” said Erin Frazier.

For many students, working off campus at local coffee shops provides a more appealing environment.

“The florescent light that are in most (on-campus) buildings where I would consider studying make it difficult to focus and it isn’t the most ideal environment for a long period of studying,” said Leslie Giles.

“A few of my favorite off campus study spots are Portland Brew and JJ’s, which unfortunately has recently closed permanently. Whole Foods in Green Hills actually has a lot of seating and large windows, as well as endless options for coffee and snacks.”

Other students opt for more traditional study spots, like an off-campus Starbucks.

“By far my favorite place to study off-campus is Starbucks in Green Hills,” said Hall. “Not only does it have a large menu for my caffeine addiction, it provides a quiet and roomy studying space that allows me to focus yet feel like I’m socializing.”

Among Lipscomb students, the Well Coffee House is another popular option. Its close proximity to campus makes it perfect for students who do not have a car.

“It’s within walking distance to campus and I just like the atmosphere that goes on in there because it is not too quiet but not too loud,” said Olivia Banks. “You can just get a drink and sit and work for hours.”

Dose, Frothy Monkey, and Humphrey’s Street Coffee are also some of Lipscomb students’ favorite spots to get work done.

For commuter students like Morgan Brotz, nothing beats studying from home.

“Once I’m done with classes I just want to get home [and] into the comfort of my own house, light a candle, and just go to work,” said Brotz.

“I honestly study best in my bed. Even though I can get tired sometimes, I am most efficient sitting in my bed and doing my work.”

Finals can be overwhelming, but finding a good study spot can help students push through the remainder of the semester.

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