On Friday September 8, Lipscomb social clubs gathered together to share in the excitement of accepting new members.  As the clubs celebrated new friendships with face paint and crazy cheers, Bid Night did not disappoint the Lipscomb community.

Senior Stephen Hemmerly loves Bid Night for its community and energy. “Everyone is set apart but unified,” said Hemmerly. “We are celebrating having new people that are coming into the system that’s given us so much.”

Hemmerly joined his social club, Sigma Iota Delta, because of the people he looked up to that were a part of the club. “The guys in this club were doing amazing and incredible things on campus,” Hemmerly said.

As a senior, Hemmerly loves the privilege of being a role model to the incoming underclassmen in his club. He says, “We love them and are really, really proud of the guys we take and pledge.”

All ages were welcomed to Bid Night. Freshman Molly Joseph walked in feeling  a flood of emotions. “It makes my heart beat really fast because I am overwhelmed, but I’m also excited for next year,” said Joseph.

The girls’ clubs love to dress up and add face paint and glitter to this fun evening. Katie Holliday, a senior in Gamma Lambda, loves this exciting time. “Seeing all the clubs coming together to celebrate new members is so awesome, because we love the opportunity to make them feel loved and welcomed into Greek Life at Lipscomb,” Holliday said.

Holliday loves the beauty of the bonds and friendships that come out of the weeks to come post-Bid Night.

The night was filled with excitement and friendship. Hemmerly, Joseph and Holliday all experienced this in different ways from each of their unique perspectives.

As each pledge member got on stage to shout the love for his or her club, Holliday saw it as such a special time to love on the current members of the club and the new pledges. “My favorite part of this process is seeing the bonds and friendships that are formed throughout the week,” she said.

Bid Night is the start of Lipscomb Greek Life pledge week. The pledges will be initiated into their respective clubs in eight days.

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