With a star-studded cast and an already large fan-base, Cars 3 is speeding into theaters.

Lightning McQueen fans will buzz with excitement from the high energy movie.

Before the film, a new Pixar Short was released called, “Lou.” This short film was written and directed by Dave Mullins and follows the school bully in learning to share by an unseen monster in the lost and found box.

After this, the energetic opening scene to Cars 3 showed a daring Lightning McQueen zooming around the race track with a cheering crowd, closely followed by his friendly competitors.

Suddenly, a new type of race car appears, taking over all the races and pushing the older cars into retirement. McQueen spends the rest of the film fighting for his rightful place within the racing community, refusing to give up what he loves the most.

Long-time Cars fan Sinney Chan noted that one of the film’s best aspects was its focus on female and minority empowerment.

“They added in a female statistical analyst and pushed the main female character, Cruz, into the racing spotlight. This made me really happy to see, and I hope a lot of younger girls got the message.”

Upon release, the third Cars movie is already expected to hit the box office hard with around $60 million from 3,900 theaters in its opening weekend. The production of this film, directed by Brian Fee, started in the summer of 2014, and the previous director, John Lasseter, promised an emotional tone to the film. The beautiful landscape animation mixed with the touching plot line allowed for Lasseter’s promise to come true.

As for the soundtrack composed by Randy Newman, there will be two released with the film. The original motion picture’s soundtrack will include the pop and rock songs heard in the movie. The other soundtrack will hold scores composed by Newman.

Overall, the film was nostalgic, action-packed and fueled with uplifting scenes. It points out how new technology and materialism often marginalizes large groups of people, including minorities. But in turn, shows how to overcome these pressures.

As Lightning McQueen once said, “The racing is the reward, not the stuff.”

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

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