Along with lots of other changes occurring around the University’s campus this year, one new policy in particular affects all students here at Lipscomb: chapel credits have been reduced from 30 hours to 25. However, students are no longer able to use service hours in order to fulfill their chapel credits.

 Lipscomb senior Alex Ondrus said she had noticed stress across campus due to unfamiliarity with the policy. Additionally, she noted that she was curious if working or interning students will be able to fulfill requirements by attending chapel twice a week with their busy schedules.

“Service hours were a really good opportunity for people to go out in the community and serve, especially for those involved in Greek life,” Ondrus said.

Cyrus Eaton, one of Lipscomb’s campus ministers, said that the heart behind the change is simply to encourage students to “build community” by attending chapel twice a week. Eaton also stated that while accountability with service hours has been a small issue in the past, it is simply a small factor in a larger scenario.

“Our ultimate goal for chapel is to create rhythms in spiritual formation,” Eaton said, regarding the motivation behind the change in policy.

Steve Davidson, senior campus minister, expressed the ministry team’s desire for students to recognize their importance by connecting with others through Christ-like community.

Thursday breakout chapels and chapel opportunities at other times will create space for connecting and reflecting on the goodness of God,” Davidson said.

Eaton said that struggling students, or those experiencing extenuating circumstances, should not be afraid to seek counsel from the ministry team if they need clarity.

Additionally, students not attending classes before 2:45 during the Tuesday/Thursday block are only required to fill 12 hours of chapel requirements. Eaton also said students can use opportunities to fulfill credits around campus, such as school-wide service days and University mission trips.

Students can refer to their school emails for information regarding different chapel opportunities. Eaton said questions will be addressed by any member of the campus ministry team: Eaton, Nicole Eaton, Maddy Fowler (Lipscomb’s new chapel coordinator) or Steve Davidson.

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