Nashville has been packed all weekend with fans from all over the world attending the city’s biggest music event of the year:  CMA Fest.

Our editor-in-chief, Mckenzi Harris, and co-managing editor, Erika Plunkett, were there all weekend to cover the events of the festival.

This weekend was full of rain, yet the fans showed out every day. Due to the rain, several of the daytime stages were delayed on and off throughout the daytime hours.

The Chevy Riverfront stage is the largest daytime stage of the festival and was packed for each performance. The Riverfront stage featured mainly big names: Hunter Hayes, LOCASH, Ashley McBryde and many others. Between the rain delays of the afternoons, the fans indulged themselves in the food trucks as well as checked out the booths in Fan Fair X.

The CMA Festival is not all outdoors. There are indoor stages such as the Nashville Acoustic Corner,  Close Up Stage, Radio Disney Stage and the HGTV Lodge.

The Lodge had a very special theme this year as HGTV used this venue to promote their upcoming series A Very Brady Renovation. Joining the host Susanne Alexander were Susan Olson, Maureen McCormick, and Barry Williams, who played Cindy, Marcia, and Gregg Brady in the 1970s sitcom. The Brady Bunch cast is a part of new series that brought to life the Bradys’ home with the help of many of HGTV’s talents. The  interior of the home — which formerly served as the exterior of the television home of the Brady family –has now been completely reconstructed to match the interior shown on the show’s Hollywood soundstage  set. Matching the ’70s feel of the hit show, the Lodge was decorated with disco balls, neon flowers, and rainbows throughout the barn. The Lodge is a very unique venue that allows fans to see some of the country industry’s biggest names, such as Old Dominion, Danielle Bradbery and Dierks Bentley, up close. The more intimate feel gave fans a special experience, with artists and fans able to interact more closely.

For a look at the Daytime CMA experience, take a look at the gallery below taken by Mckenzi Harris.

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