Delta Sigma hosted its philanthropy event Thursday evening with “Battle of the Sexes.” Proceeds from the social club’s annual event went to the “Come To Me” campaign, which is deigned to raise awareness on mental health.

The $5 ticket to Battle of the Sexes also came with an orange “Come To Me” bracelet to help bring awareness to the campaign.

The night started off with an introduction from Delta Sigma’s service coordinator, sophomore Tess McGhee. McGhee introduced the hosts for the evening, Sam Hearn from Sigma Iota Delta and Hayden Hines from Tau Phi and also shared a quick video about their chosen philanthropy project.

When choosing contestants, McGhee said she wanted to make sure she got a wide variety of participants from all over campus, so everyone could get the chance to be involved and represent.

“I messaged the presidents in each club to get two people from each club,” she explained, “And I messaged some others, who aren’t in a club or play sports also and got them to ask their friends too.”

Things got off to a fun start when emcees Hines and Hearn explained the rules of the game and introduced the first round of contestants. There were five rounds for the night, with eight contestants participating in each round (4 girls, 4 guys). After every round, the contestants would switch off to let some fresh faces play.

The contestants participated in themed rounds such as Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader,  Family FeudThe Price is Right, Finish the Lyric and general trivia.

The wide variety of questions asked included: “What single city contains 20% of the residents of it’s entire continent?”; “Name something parents tell their kids not to waste,” and prompts to finish the lyrics to songs such as “24 Carat Magic” by Bruno Mars and “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

In between some of the rounds, members of the audience were invited up to participate in mini games, such as charades, to win prizes.

When it came time for the final score, it was announced that the “Girls won by a lot.”

McGhee said one of her favorite parts of the night was handing out the prizes.

“They were fun to pick out and to see people get them,” she said, adding that she also enjoyed getting to see everybody on stage together, whether they were in a club or not, just having fun.

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