Team Fairytale enchanted the second night of Singarama. 

The third and final mini musical Fairytale, which follows the plot of two siblings transported into a magical new world, won the Blocking & Staging Award last night.

The co-directors are Erin Bell, a senior Psychology major from Nashville, and Nate Pearson, a Senior Elementary education major from St. Charles, IL.

Bell and Pearson were both a part of The Wonders Years show of Singarama 2019 and working together again before Graduation has been a “full-circle moment” for the duo.

“I think we were able to able to use that energy from doing it freshman year to make this such a fun, good show this year,” Bell said.

“I just love the community it brings,” Pearson said ” Singarama is my favorite my favorite thing about Lipscomb [and] It’s literally something I’m going to miss so much”

“It’s tough practicing a month and a half before [the show] but once it comes to show week, you’re altogether [and] just so excited. You just can’t wait to perform!”

Singarama has two more performances today before closing out at 2 pm and 7 pm. 

Photo by Kathryn Farris

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