Students gathered Friday night in Bison Square for Salsa en el Square, a lively celebration of salsa dancing during Hispanic Heritage Month.

A student instructor taught the groups several basic techniques. After the lesson, students got to show off their new skills with different partners.

“I really enjoyed that there was enough structure there to show us what we were doing so we didn’t have to just … figure it out ourselves. … [The instructor] gave us ample amount of time to practice what she had taught us,” said JoAnna McCutcheon, a sophomore nutrition major from Southside, Alabama.

Sarah Small, an IDEAL student from Zionsville, Indiana, added that the best part of the night was “learning new things.”

Events like Salsa en el Square provide the opportunity for students to appreciate diverse cultural traditions and meet new friends in the Herd.

“Everyone was there to have fun, everyone was there to dance, so … I liked going around and seeing who else didn’t have a partner and being like, ‘Hey! Let’s dance!’” said Anna Adams, a junior English major from Rogersville. “I think that was kind of always in my personality … but I think that the experience here [at Lipscomb] has kind of opened me up and opened that side of me.”

Salsa en el Square was hosted by the Student Activities Board and Office of Intercultural Development and served as a continuation of events celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.

Photo Gallery by Cora Coletti

Hayden Smith and Annie Duda


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