Lipscomb’s Halloweek is having to endure COVID-19 regulations, but the majority of the events that Lipscomb has come to love and know are still happening.

Normally, dodgeball would be in the courtyard of Fanning Hall. COVID-19 forced Lipscomb to consider different venues for the event before deciding to change the location to Allen Arena.

“The decision was purely based on COVID protocols,” said Lipscomb’s Director of Community Life Kelvin Kelley. “We knew that this is a big part of the Lipscomb Student experience and wanted to ensure that it could happen, even if it looks a little different.”

Just because the event location has changed doesn’t mean that the protocols have either. Lipscomb will follow the latest COVID-19 protocols at the event to ensure that no one is able to catch the virus at the event or for it to spread. Allen Arena is a much bigger location than the likes of Fanning Hall so there had to be an extra level of caution, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled.

“We will have a contract tracing,” said Kelley. “Also, we will add temperature scanners to entrances. Everyone also has to RSVP for tickets within Allen Arena and must sit in the seat they have reserved.”

Unfortunately due to COVID, one thing that has to be changed is the number of people that will be able to attend this event. SGA will allow for 300 people to attend this event via the reservation of tickets. The number of teams that are allowed for the event is currently at 16 teams.

While Kelley stated there are no plans as of right now to move the event back to Fanning Hall, they are very hopeful that next year they will be able to for the sake of one of Lipscomb’s best traditions.

“We may move it back because the atmosphere is phenomenal in the courtyard. But no plans have been made for the future yet,” said Kelley.

As for Dia de Los Muertos, Scare in the Square, Pumpkin Painting, and the Candy Bar Crawl, the events will continue but are following the COVID protocols just like dodgeball will. There are no other location changes for these events either.

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