After a crushing defeat on Friday night, Lipscomb was still looking for their confidence in round 2 of the home series matchup against FGCU. 

With a little spurring for the Bisons the first half still started off similarly to how their previous contest finished up, stunted on offense. 

Luckily for Lipscomb, the Eagles looked cold at the start of this matchup too, and only 19 points were scored in the first 10 minutes of the half. The defense was at a maximum to start off this ballgame. 

Midway through the first half though Lipscomb seemed to finally find their energy after a technical foul called on FGCU the Bison’s held that momentum into the half with a nine-point lead. 

And for the first time all weekend, the Bisons looked to have the energy and chemistry that was lacking Friday night.

One of the most standout performances of the night for the Bisons came from Freshman Will Pruitt. Pruitt saw his most minutes in a conference matchup so far with 18 coming off the bench. Down the stretch of the 2nd half as well, he seemed to be the pacesetter for Lipscomb.

Lipscomb held upon their strong defense going into the second half but saw their lead shrink down with a scoring drought midway through the second half.

In the second half, they saw a fancy Pruitt finish at the rim, and some more needed energy on offense to keep their lead at two.

Jumpers from Ferguson and Johnson, along with a three-ball from Hazen had them rolling down the stretch as they pulled out a win at home. 

This win from the Bisons puts them at 5-3 with #5 in the ASUN Conference. Notable performances from Pruitt who didn’t miss from the field and Hazen who had a block party helped the Bisons out of their two-game slump.

Lipscomb heads down to Stetson this coming weekend for another series matchup, while Lipscomb’s women’s team plays at Allen Arena. 

With several sports starting up soon, make sure to keep up with us by following us on social media and marking your calendar for the coming matchups.

Photos courtesy of Mckenzi Harris.

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