HumanDocs brings stories that stir up critical thinking and conviction to the Lipscomb community. The series dives into different topics through film screenings and panel sessions.

This week on the Lipscomb campus has been “Welcome to Our World Week”, which is a celebration and educational experience highlighting numerous countries around the world that make up the student body.

HumanDocs worked in collaboration with the LIGHT Program and the Office of Intercultural Development for being a part of WOW Week and showed the documentary “And Then They Come For Us”.

The film goes in depth about the tragic lock-up of Japanese Americans in internment camps during World War II.

Traci Teraoka, daughter of internment survivor Tom Akira, was the panelist interviewed by students Ghia Gutierrez and Tracie Santiago who are involved with the Asian Connection club at Lipscomb.

In a Q&A session, Teraoka elaborated on questions revolving around her father’s internment, how it affected her and her family, experiences with racism, and struggles with identity.

Teraoka says “It’s interesting how people can take different art forms and ways of portraying life visually and either inspire us or use it against us”.

Hosted through the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, HumanDocs brings awareness to different issues and gives individuals the opportunity to gain consciousness to them.

Photo via, By Dorothea Lange

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