A Lipscomb graduate is following her dreams — with her new husband — by moving to Central America to serve the Lord through soccer, the sport she played throughout her college years.

Danielle Van Liere graduated from Lipscomb in May of 2020 with a degree in kinesiology. During her time in college she played Division 1 soccer at the University of Florida for three years and then at Lipscomb for a year. 

Carter Jackson graduated from Samford University and then worked in admissions at Samford for two years. The couple recently moved to Honduras with the ministry Buena Vista Sports Academy.

“Back in February, I decided I wanted to serve in missions in Honduras. I felt like God was calling me to missions and to use my passion for soccer,” said Danielle.

“I met a ministry called Buena Vista Sports Academy in Honduras. Their goal is to use the platform of soccer to bring the gospel to the nations and disciple young men and break generational cycles of poverty.”

Buena Vista Sports Academy has a mission to take the love of Jesus to tough places, evangelize and disciple boys and young men, pray for the Holy Spirit to light them on fire, and expect entire communities to come to Christ as a result.

“I won’t be moving down to Honduras alone, Carter my husband will be moving down with me. Carter will be helping out with soccer, discipling, and doing chores. I will be discipling and helping out with soccer as well.”

Training for soccer happens every day and games will be on the weekends. There are some soccer teams in Honduras that would travel to play games. Carter will be traveling with the soccer teams. 

The couple was postponed to leaving back in August because of COVID and the Academy is partially open, but will fully be open soon. Masks are mandatory to wear and there is curfew. There are certain days of the week the couple can go out and certain places to visit. 

“Over the summer I took Spanish classes and they were over Zoom. For the most part, it felt pretty normal to learn a new language over Zoom. When I move to Honduras my Spanish will get better over time, and I will be able to speak the language,” she said.

“I will miss my friends, family, and certain foods I won’t be able to have. I’m nervous just being in a new environment, but also really excited.”

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