The glitz and the glam of GMA’s Dove Awards made their return to the Lipscomb campus for the seventh consecutive year on Tuesday night.

The 50th annual award show played host to some of the biggest names in Christian entertainment, all in the name of worship and praise.

TobyMac and Ledger opened the show with“The Elements,” a snowy performance that kicked off a night of celebration filled with a half-century worth of performances and appearances from artists both new and legendary.

Lauren Daigle leads the pack with six nominations and three wins

The most highly nominated artist of the night, Lauren Daigle, took home the awards for artist of the year, song of the year and pop/contemporary album of the year.

Daigle has skyrocketed as a crossover artist; her single “You Say” has dominated both Christian and All-Genre charts.

“To say how is it feeling? I’m really genuinely pinching myself and I’m also just amazed that God’s doing this,” Daigle said after winning her big award.

DoveAwards2019-5168 DoveAwards2019-5193 DoveAwards2019-5242 DoveAwards2019-5078 DoveAwards2019-5401 DoveAwards2019-5228 DoveAwards2019-5294 DoveAwards2019-5115 DoveAwards2019-5428 DoveAwards2019-5132 DoveAwards2019-5293 DoveAwards2019-5221 DoveAwards2019-5397 DoveAwards2019-5152 DoveAwards2019-5271 DoveAwards2019-5147 DoveAwards2019-5300 DoveAwards2019-5436 DoveAwards2019-5443 DoveAwards2019-5376 DoveAwards2019-5278 DoveAwards2019-5419 DoveAwards2019-5114 DoveAwards2019-5153 DoveAwards2019-5327 DoveAwards2019-5214 DoveAwards2019-5161 DoveAwards2019-5339 DoveAwards2019-5352 DoveAwards2019-5456 DoveAwards2019-5107 DoveAwards2019-5200 DoveAwards2019-5241 DoveAwards2019-5134 DoveAwards2019-5099 DoveAwards2019-5466 DoveAwards2019-5184 DoveAwards2019-5096 DoveAwards2019-5448 DoveAwards2019-5194 DoveAwards2019-5103 DoveAwards2019-5305 DoveAwards2019-5426 DoveAwards2019-5359 DoveAwards2019-5334 DoveAwards2019-5345 DoveAwards2019-5461 DoveAwards2019-5196 DoveAwards2019-5285 DoveAwards2019-5130 DoveAwards2019-5237 DoveAwards2019-5166 DoveAwards2019-5172 DoveAwards2019-5102 DoveAwards2019-5157 DoveAwards2019-5183 DoveAwards2019-5174 DoveAwards2019-5119 DoveAwards2019-5125 DoveAwards2019-5287 DoveAwards2019-5244 DoveAwards2019-5178 DoveAwards2019-5418 DoveAwards2019-5222 DoveAwards2019-5199 DoveAwards2019-5162 DoveAwards2019-5074 DoveAwards2019-5143 DoveAwards2019-5430 DoveAwards2019-5450 DoveAwards2019-5372

Gallery by Mckenzi Harris.

Kirk Franklin uses Dove Awards platform to call attention to police brutality

Singer Kirk Franklin took home the award for gospel artist of the year, but during his acceptance speech he” addressed a recent police brutality tragedy.

“A young girl by the name of Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed in her home by a policeman,” said Franklin. “I am just asking that we send up prayers for her family and for his and asking that we send up prayers for that 8-year-old little boy that saw that tragedy.”


Video by Mckenzi Harris, Kathryn Farris and Erika Plunkett

Dove Awards produces a star-filled lineup of presenters

Throughout the show, awards were handed out by some notable figures in the Christian entertainment industry. This included musicians, songwriters, comedians and more.

Presenter John Crist spoke on the red carpet about his perspective on the industry.

“There’s a lot of them [Christian entertainers] that are not good people…I’m just kidding, they’re all great,” he said.

“It’s funny that I make a lot of jokes and roasts about these guys but at the end of the day, they’re all friends of mine.”

Crist spoke on his uniqueness in the Dove Awards environment.

“It seems like compared to preachers or worship leaders and stuff here, I’m a comedian! So a lot of people would consider it less spiritual, but it’s not…people say that my jokes or my videos have encouraged them or lifted their spirits.”

DoveAwards2019-6782 DoveAwards2019-6247 DoveAwards2019-6559 DoveAwards2019-6928 DoveAwards2019-6151 DoveAwards2019-5830 DoveAwards2019-6828 DoveAwards2019-6749 DoveAwards2019-6386 DoveAwards2019-5577 DoveAwards2019-5724 DoveAwards2019-5558 DoveAwards2019-5880 DoveAwards2019-5867 DoveAwards2019-5984 DoveAwards2019-6926 DoveAwards2019-6730 DoveAwards2019-5868 DoveAwards2019-6398 DoveAwards2019-5924 DoveAwards2019-5581 DoveAwards2019-6764 DoveAwards2019-5596 DoveAwards2019-5844 DoveAwards2019-5768 DoveAwards2019-6423 DoveAwards2019-5483 DoveAwards2019-5873 DoveAwards2019-6739 DoveAwards2019-6495 DoveAwards2019-6823 DoveAwards2019-6130 DoveAwards2019-5706 DoveAwards2019-6226 DoveAwards2019-6060 DoveAwards2019-5957 DoveAwards2019-6761 DoveAwards2019-5476 DoveAwards2019-6309 DoveAwards2019-6304 DoveAwards2019-6005 DoveAwards2019-5912 DoveAwards2019-6206 DoveAwards2019-6610 DoveAwards2019-5870 DoveAwards2019-6092 DoveAwards2019-5848 DoveAwards2019-5478 DoveAwards2019-5754 DoveAwards2019-6745 DoveAwards2019-5471 DoveAwards2019-6114 DoveAwards2019-5841 DoveAwards2019-6299 DoveAwards2019-6179 DoveAwards2019-6896 DoveAwards2019-6582 DoveAwards2019-5655 DoveAwards2019-5582 DoveAwards2019-5832 DoveAwards2019-6195 DoveAwards2019-5836 DoveAwards2019-5860 DoveAwards2019-5555 DoveAwards2019-6733 DoveAwards2019-6546 DoveAwards2019-5905 DoveAwards2019-5834 DoveAwards2019-5485 DoveAwards2019-6902 DoveAwards2019-6070 DoveAwards2019-6389 DoveAwards2019-6517 DoveAwards2019-6238 DoveAwards2019-6442 DoveAwards2019-6571 DoveAwards2019-6175 DoveAwards2019-6586 DoveAwards2019-6076 DoveAwards2019-5513 DoveAwards2019-6456 DoveAwards2019-6079 DoveAwards2019-6337 DoveAwards2019-6071 DoveAwards2019-6059 DoveAwards2019-5888 DoveAwards2019-6847 DoveAwards2019-6445 DoveAwards2019-5726 DoveAwards2019-5985 DoveAwards2019-6427 DoveAwards2019-5666 DoveAwards2019-5612 DoveAwards2019-5889 DoveAwards2019-5842 DoveAwards2019-5532 DoveAwards2019-5489 DoveAwards2019-5509 DoveAwards2019-5585 DoveAwards2019-5548 DoveAwards2019-6483 DoveAwards2019-6240 DoveAwards2019-5672 DoveAwards2019-5698 DoveAwards2019-5840 DoveAwards2019-5952 DoveAwards2019-5626 DoveAwards2019-5847 DoveAwards2019-6207 DoveAwards2019-5884 DoveAwards2019-5685 DoveAwards2019-6534 DoveAwards2019-5649 DoveAwards2019-5629 DoveAwards2019-6078 DoveAwards2019-6002 DoveAwards2019-5727 DoveAwards2019-6874 DoveAwards2019-5481 DoveAwards2019-5630 DoveAwards2019-6112 DoveAwards2019-6487 DoveAwards2019-6461 DoveAwards2019-6766 DoveAwards2019-6290 DoveAwards2019-6553 DoveAwards2019-6055 DoveAwards2019-6946 DoveAwards2019-6735 DoveAwards2019-6220 DoveAwards2019-6770 DoveAwards2019-6197 DoveAwards2019-5669 DoveAwards2019-5809 DoveAwards2019-5499 DoveAwards2019-5833 DoveAwards2019-6777 DoveAwards2019-6052 DoveAwards2019-6366 DoveAwards2019-6257 DoveAwards2019-6688

Gallery by Mckenzi Harris

The Dove Awards were tied together with performances from major players in the Christian music world, such as Riley Clemmons, who performed her song “Fighting for Me.”

During the red carpet ceremony, Clemmons spoke about her evolution from an attendee of the Dove Awards to a performer and nominee.

“It’s unreal!” Clemmons said. “I grew up admiring so many of these artists so to be here, and to be among them as peers is so surreal.

“I’ve been singing for as long as I remember,” she said. “I started co-writing when I was 13, and that is what set in — that it [music] was something that was a possibility,

“’Fighting for Me’ has been so exciting to watch and put out. This by far has been the most special song…it’s close to my heart, and I’m so excited to get to share it.”

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