Lipscomb Academy football finally returned Friday night, but the weather and the outcome didn’t go as the Mustangs had desired. The visiting Mustangs fell to Brentwood Academy 29-19.

Three minutes into the game, Mother Nature paid a little visit to Brentwood, resulting in a 30-minute lightning delay. Once given the all-clear, both sides were hoping for calmer weather for the remainder of the night, but once again lightning struck. After two lightning delays and an hour-and-a-half of waiting, the game resumed.

Brentwood Academy drew first blood on a 23-yard touchdown run. Both sides were silent for the remainder of the half.

With little action and a lot of punting on both sides, Brentwood Academy went into halftime with only a 7-3 lead.

When the second half began and the rain cleared, both sides were able to focus more on their passing game.

The Eagles struck once again early in the second with a four-yard touchdown run to increase the lead to 14-3. A couple of minutes later, a bad snap got away from Mustang quarterback Luther Richesson deep into the Eagles’ endzone, resulting in a safety.

Later in the third quarter, a 59-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Tyler Monteil increased the Eagles’ lead to 22-3.

Once the fourth quarter got underway, the Eagles saw their lead slowly begin to slip away, but the Mustang comeback was too little, too late.

The Mustangs travel to Pope John Paul II High School next Friday night.

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