The Lipscomb Academy Mustangs took the field Friday night against the Franklin Road Academy Panthers in what was only the third game of the year for the Panthers. Overall, the Mustangs defeated the Panthers in a 61-0 win. 

Coach Dilfer was very proud of his team for the win and how they’ve dealt with this unusual season. “I’m proud of them, I’m proud of their week of preparation, I’m proud of how they are handling the chaos in the world around them, and I’m proud of them buying in, every single day, to getting better.”

The Mustangs came charging out of the gate with an emphasis on the run game and a touchdown on the first drive from Quarterback Luther Richesson. A forced fumble from Senior Zach Larkin lead to great field position and allowed Lipscomb to run in their second touchdown of the night for the early 13-0 lead.

The Panthers seemed rattled after the first two drives and running back Jeffery Vercher was forced to take some time off the field with what appeared to be a tweaked ankle. With Vercher off the field, FRA opened up the passing game which resulted in an interception return for a touchdown by Safety Jaden Lyles of Lipscomb Academy.

Despite Vercher returning, Lipscomb Academy continued to find the end zone.

The Mustang defense wreaked havoc and provided great field position throughout the first half. Linebackers Eli Miller and Braeden Ford each forced a fumble and Running Back Alex Broome ran the ball for 3 touchdowns by the end of the second quarter, resulting in a 54-0 half-time lead for Lipscomb Academy.

The second half saw a much slower pace of play as the third quarter consisted of mostly shorter runs with no score change. The only touchdown of the second half came with 10:06 left in the game as the Mustangs Mauriece Sherril ran the ball 49 yards for a score making it 61-0.

With the 61-0 win, the Mustangs move to 3-2 as FRA falls to 1-2. 

Lipscomb Academy continues their season on October 2nd against CPA at home. Continue to follow Lumination Network for coverage of Lipscomb Academy’s football program.

Gallery by Mckenzi Harris.

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