Lipscomb’s Homecoming celebration was revitalized through the restoration of Bison Day last Friday.

Last weekend, Bison Day brought about cheers, dances and skits in the square and tailgating festivities before the opening home basketball game against the Emory Eagles.

Greek Life took the charge on the revival of Bison Day. Each club did a choreographed dance or cheer to express how the Lipscomb Bisons were going to beat the opposing Emory Eagles.

Kelsey Davidson, president of social club Phi Sigma, said she enjoyed seeing everybody happy to participate in Bison Day.

“I loved seeing everyone on campus being excited about the same thing,” Davidson said. “I walked into the student center to loud music and people I had never seen before getting others to come to the game.”

Davidson said that Bison Day was even better than she expected.

“Beforehand, everyone was trying to wrap their minds around what it was supposed to look like,” she said. “I loved seeing what each club had interpreted the instructions as and really making their skit time their own.

“The Greek clubs have done a great job in revitalizing Homecoming because it’s something that hasn’t been a big deal in a really long time,” Davidson said. “I always love when there are events that not only connect my club, but connect all of Greek life and in turn, hopefully connect more of the campus.”

Sam Smith, Dean of Student Life was largely responsible for Greek Life’s participation in Homecoming.

“Our Greek Life really took the lead in putting this whole thing together starting with the Bison Day cheers in Bison Square, then taking a lead on this tailgate party,” Smith said.  “Our [Greek Life] presidents worked really hard to come up with creative ways to create a tailgate experience for homecoming.”

The tailgate in Allen Circle consisted of each club bringing out their trucks or tables with some form of free food like cupcakes from Pi Delta, quesadillas from Phi Sigma and hamburgers and hot dogs from Tau Phi.

Kimberly Perkins, the Head Resident for Elam Hall, said she loved the community that Bison Day brought to the campus.

Both Smith and Davidson said they were shocked at the student turnout for Bison Day and look forward to seeing what next year will bring for Homecoming weekend.

“It gave us an excuse to create a unique atmosphere for all of the fans and to help boost game attendance for our opening basketball game,” Davidson said.

Smith added, “Greek Life took something that was just a thought and idea that happened years ago and were able to make this happen. We cannot wait to see what this looks like next year and the next year.”

Photo by Erin Franklin

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