After nearly a decade of defeat at the hands of the Christ Presbyterian Academy Lions, the Lipscomb Academy Mustangs edged out their rivals to take the regional championship.

In response to the win, Mustang Head Coach Trent Dilfer spoke highly of his team following the game but emphasized that the season was far from over. “I’m proud of our guys’s obviously a very big win for our school…but in that same breath, this is only 48 minutes of the 672 we want to play this year.”

The low scoring affair began just before 9:00 PM due to the intense rain in the Nashville area this Friday. 14 of the Mustang’s 20 points came within the first quarter. Lipscomb Academy star Running Back, Alex Broome, returned the opening kickoff to give the Mustangs an early 7-0 lead.

Broome would also finish the game with 99 yards on 22 carries. To cap off their strong start, Mustang Quarterback, Luther Richeson, connected with Daniel Green adding another touchdown with less than a minute left in the first quarter. The Lions came charging back in the second quarter with an 11 play drive that ended in a touchdown from Running Back Langston Patterson, creating a 14-7 score.

Just before the half, one of the standout performers of the night, Lipscomb Academy Kicker, Ryan Young, hit his first of two field goals on the night. Young nailed the kick from 46 yards out, giving Lipscomb a strong 17-7 lead going into the half.

Strong defense from both sides highlighted the second half. The third quarter was a battle in the trenches, where the only points came with just 2 minutes left. Mustang Kicker, Ryan Young, once again put three points on the scoreboard, this time from 47 yards out.

CPA quickly changed the tone of the game with a big play late in the 4th. A 64 yard run by the Lion’s Langston Patterson made the score 20-14 with just under 5 minutes left to play.

After a defensive stop from CPA, the Lions began driving down the field in hopes of grabbing a late lead. However, Mustang Defensive Back, Chase Allen, made a game-saving interception with 2 minutes left to play, giving Lipscomb Academy the chance to run down the clock and finish with a win.

Lipscomb Academy moves to 7-2 with the win and completes a 7 game win streak with the Regional Championship win. The Mustangs will continue the season as the number one seed in the playoffs.

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Gallery by Mckenzi Harris.

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