The “Big Dance” will be watched by millions across the globe, and viewers will likely be wondering (and then Googling) — what is Lipscomb University?

News networks from across the country are inquiring about the school, and alumni and current students alike are ecstatic over the big win. But one question Lipscomb admissions has already begun to look into is how this spike in publicity will affect the school’s student admissions.

Jonathan Akin, the Senior Director of Admissions at Lipscomb, said other universities have reached out to give advice, telling him that being successful in the tournament will really take things to the next level.

“The biggest thing is that this is going to put us on a national stage and help us reach students we are currently unable to reach,” Akin said.

Akin also commented that the biggest impact so far has been on social media. The social media team in both the admissions department and the university’s communications and marketing office have been busy responding to the influx of comments and posts. Akin said that this increase of activity has been “really positive and really fun.”

In the past, Lipscomb has received positive publicity on a national stage before (and also negative national publicity), in addition to other athletic successes that have drawn attention to the school. Akin added that anything bringing Nashville to the public eye will consequently attract people to Lipscomb. However, the Bisons winning the ASUN championship has taken the school’s recognition to a new level.

As of right now, Akin said that the impact will be long term rather than immediate.

“More than anything, it has propelled our momentum for this fall,” Akin said, noting that students already accepted to the school can find pride in saying they are coming to Lipscomb, a school that is currently prominent on the country’s radar. Incoming freshmen who live across the country won’t have to explain where they have chosen to attend.

“The Office of Admissions is a really big fan of our athletic teams,” Akin said. “(We) always have been and are really proud and grateful for the team. This is a historic moment for the university, and the pride of being a Lipscomb Bison is the greatest it has ever been.”

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