As we continue to wear our masks everywhere we go, there is a problem that plenty of girls are running into: how do you wear earrings without getting them caught in the elastic of your mask? This is a struggle I’ve dealt with as well and even lost one of my favorite hoops to the tangled mess of mask + earrings. So I’m here to share ideas on how we can accessorize while still staying safe with our masks.

Avoid hoop earrings. These are my favorite, and I hate to take a break from wearing them, but with the way that they get oh so easily caught in the elastic of masks, it might be better to take a break from them. If you’re going to wear them, just be careful and make sure you don’t lose one when removing your mask. Instead, try a fun pair of dangling earrings, or a cute pair of studs. Loft has tons of cute earrings, as well as Francesca’s and Etsy. 

Try a hued hairpiece. I haven’t always been big into headbands, but with our masks, they’re a great new way to accessorize and add a pop of color. If you’re not a headband fan, a cute ribbon or a bow scrunchie is a nice touch! Amazon, Anthropologie, and Forever 21 are all great spots to find these items, and there is a wide variety depending on your price range. 

Draw the attention to your hands by decorating your fingers with rings. This is something I’ve recently fallen in love with. Each ring I purchase has a meaning behind it, which makes me love them even more! With stackable rings, you can add even more character and color to your look by pairing different rings together. Add some fun nail polish to add another pop of color. Dry Goods has some unique jewelry, and Etsy has some super cute homemade rings, so you can support small businesses while finding new accessories!

Dazzle with a chunky necklace. ASOS has a variety, and Target has some colorful ones that can elevate your look, and they have some simple layered sets, as well, if that’s more your style. Regardless, you can find something you like that will look trendy and cute and won’t interfere with your mask.

Finally, if you aren’t a fan of jewelry, let your makeup make the statement. Ulta and Sephora, among others, have so many different eyeshadow pallets that you can find one with the colors that are perfect for you. Use vibrant shades to make a statement, and everyone will forget you’re even wearing a mask! Plus, because of your mask, you only have to make up the top half of your face. Get creative and step out of your comfort zone to make a statement, or simply go for a natural look if you want to keep it uncomplicated.

I hope that at least one of these inspires you to try a new accessory. Masks are our newest accessory, but that doesn’t mean we have to neglect our favorite pre-pandemic pieces. Whatever you decide, stay safe, stay healthy, stay stylish, and stay you.

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