Friday morning, the Fashion Department hosted a Men’s Masterclass in collaboration with Peter Millard, The Oxford Shop, and Dillard’s. In addition to the fantastic biscuit bar that was provided before the event, the panel discussion about appropriate men’s attire was very encouraging and inspiring. It got me thinking, and I wanted to focus on some of the main points of the class while also providing other related fashion inspiration for both guys and girls, as well. 

We all know that comfy clothes are the best, but sometimes they don’t look the most professional. We’re lucky to be able to wear whatever we want to class, but once we leave, we’ll be wearing professional clothes in the workforce. With that being said, we should start putting that collection of outfits together now. 

The masterclass focused on some important points for men’s dress. Employees from Dillard’s, The Oxford Shop, and Peter Millar all participated in the panel discussion, along with Charlotte Poling from the fashion department. Some focal points of the conversation were that men should have 3 suits: gray, navy, and black.

Gray and navy can be used for weddings, interviews, and other events, while the black suit is for more formal events. White shirts go with every color tie, so that’s an option for under the suit, along with a tie and pocket square. Men commonly try to match their tie and pocket square, but they’re meant to correlate more than match. Pocket squares are super popular right now, so even if you do not decide to wear a tie, a pocket square is a nice alternative to still look formal. 

For more casual dressing, go with jeans and a button-up shirt with a sweater on top. Down vests are all the rage in Nashville right now and go well with this combination. This ensemble has a lot of opportunities for different looks, as you can just wear the sweater and button-up, or the button up and vest. 

The panel suggested that men always overdress rather than overdress if they’re not sure what to wear. It’s better to show up looking extra nice rather than look like you threw your outfit together at the last minute. 

I think these menswear looks are super nice and look very professional. I love that women have started to adopt the button up and the sweater looks into their wardrobes, too. It looks very put together and is super cute. If you haven’t tried it yet, pair a simple, solid-colored button-up shirt with a sweater over top. Some of my wonderful friends in the fashion program even did this for the event today! If you want to go for a combination of preppy and casual, try a button-up with a crew neck sweatshirt over top. This way you’ll be comfortable and still look stylish. 

If you find it challenging to match pieces, you’re in luck! Many stores have started designing and selling tops that give off this layered image but are really just one piece! I know that Loft has some really cute options for it. A lot of theirs are solid colored sweaters with patterned collars and fabric at the bottom of the sweater. The look is casual enough for class or a relaxed dinner but paired with nice jeans or even skinny dress pants, it’s formal enough for fancier events. 

While I don’t really see women incorporating the pocket square into their looks, the blazer/sport coat is definitely on the rise. Stores like Loft and Express have numerous options, including traditional neutral tones and also some more fun and eccentric patterned pieces. If you’re not into the structured jacket look, lots of women’s stores are currently selling vests that you could add to this layered look. Some are even fur if that’s what you’re into, or more solid colored ones are available as well. 

The masterclass seemed to be a huge success amongst faculty and students alike, and it was very inspiring for both guys and girls! I hope that this has given you some inspiration on what to incorporate into your winter wardrobe. Whatever you decide to do to step out of your comfort zone fashion-wise, stay true to yourself and stay fabulous!

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