The “Into the Jungle” theme brought Pi Delta first place at the ninth annual StompFest.

“We worked hard,”said Pi Delta member Meredith Harris. “I think that we were really dedicated during our practices, so we didn’t have to practice as often… but when we were there we were focused.”

“We had alumni come back and give us tips about what they did that worked and what didn’t work.”

The group had been practicing since September, so they expected everyone’s best performance.

“We talked about it before, and we agreed that there [could] be no errors,” said Harris.

 “I think it was really good. We came off very confident, and I think as long as you are confident it doesn’t matter what your stepping looks like.”

Theta Psi snagged second place with a biker theme, and Phi Sigma spies theme claimed third.

The other themes included: Phi Nu Lumberjacks, Delta Sigma Cheetah Girls, Delta Omega Magicians, and Sigma Iota Delta JazzerSID.

Avery Roland, one of the StompFest coordinators, said she loves to see the progress of the clubs.

 “Getting to watch the show progress from the first run-through in Collins to their last run-through – that progression is phenomenal.”

The audience of the sold-out show displayed plenty of energy, which pleased the show participants.

“It is so much fun,” said Delta Sigma member Maggie Woodhouse. “The energy on the stage is literally the most fun thing ever.”

“Sometimes it’s really frustrating when you have lock-ins or really long practices, but you have to think about the end goal. Being on stage and seeing all the people watch you and knowing that you did a stomp or dance well…that’s what really is worth it. I will definitely be doing Stomp again next year.”

Photos by Ben Davis

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