(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) — President Donald Trump discussed fulfilling his campaign promises at a rally in Nashville Municipal Auditorium on Wednesday, March 15.

Trump gave supporters an update of his first 53 days in office surrounding the issues on which he campaigned. Among those was the state of the new “watered-down version” of the administration’s travel ban. The executive order was blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii just hours before the order was set to go into effect.

“This new order was tailored to the dictates of the Ninth Circuit’s — in my opinion, flawed ruling,” Trump said. “This is, in the opinion of many, unprecedented judicial overreach.”

The President also listed his other priorities in office: tax reduction, stricter trade regulations for businesses leaving the United States, protection of the second amendment, an increase in defense spending, respect for the American flag and putting “America first” in all administrative decisions.

The Trump campaign, not the White House, organized the event. After only 53 days in office, this is Trump’s second campaign rally for the 2020 election. He officially filed the papers to run for a second term on inauguration day. Like his previous rallies, Trump’s speech referenced former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. After an eruption of “lock her up” chants faded into a dull roar, Trump reminded supporters of why he carried Tennessee in 92 of 95 counties.

“We believe — especially the people in Tennessee, I know you so well — in peace through strength,” Trump said.

Despite the many Tennessee supporters Trump mentioned, hundreds of protesters also gathered outside of the venue with homemade signs, knit caps and even a drum set to prove him wrong.

After super storm Stella canceled his spring break plans, Lipscomb senior William Sisson made it to the rally but was among the hundreds who did not get into the auditorium.

“I see this as an opportunity to see what’s going on in the country, see what people are thinking and see what our President is saying,” Sisson said.

In earlier weeks of the Trump administration, Sisson attended a Nashville protest against the travel ban, but even with the president in town, he found himself outside near the protesters again.

He hoped Trump would ditch the script, address claims made about his ties to Russia, give details on “Trumpcare” or even mention the two leaked pages of his 2005 tax return. Sisson’s concerns went unanswered as the president discussed how America needs to “get the healthcare down,” so work on lowering taxes can begin. Sisson was disheartened by Trump’s lack of substance.

“I want our country to be at peace and unite behind good things,” Sisson said. “I don’t think Trump is one of those things.”

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