“Rise and Fall” directed by Taylor Sain is the winner of the 55th annual Singarama Sweepstakes award.

With a cast comprised of Pi Delta, Kappa Chi, Theta Psi, Phi Nu and friends, this group told the story of a Blockbuster movie rental store in Little Town, Alaska where the employees found a way to keep the store afloat despite the termination of the franchise.

The ensemble was also awarded best “Theme” on Thursday and best “Vocal Performance” on Friday.

As part of this winning company, senior student body president Carson Panovec commented that “feels fantastic to win, but it’s way better when you’re part of a team.”

“It’s just fun to be part of a group that has the energy to put on a show to hopefully entertain some people and to give them some joy.”

Sophomore Aijalon Powell of “Rise and Fall” was participating in Singarama for the first time.

“As my first year in Singarama it’s an unbelievable experience to come in and almost sweep the whole thing; that almost never happens,” Powell said. “I’m so happy for my team, we worked so hard and I am so proud of everything that we accomplished no matter what the result is tonight.”

As director, Sain is very happy with the performance of her team.

“I am so proud of my whole cast, my writing team, my music directors, everyone has just been such a support and so amazing to work with that it has been my best Singarama year I have ever had,” Sain said.

As for next year, hostess Peytan Porter says planning has begun early.

“I am so excited for next year already,” Porter said. “I know they already have the theme, so I’m ready to get going already.”


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Photos by Ellen Butterfield

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