Students know the cheer team as sideline and halftime entertainment during Lipscomb sporting events, but country singer Scotty McCreery knows them as featured dancers in his latest music video for the song Southern Belle.

The music video debuted early Monday, but preparation and filming took place months before.

McCreery’s production team contacted Lipscomb cheer coaches Pam Pearson and Valery Parham at the beginning of the semester to discuss this opportunity for the team.

Filming took place Sept. 27 at Citation Support Soundstage One in Nashville. The video featured Lipscomb cheer, Belmont cheer and Vanderbilt’s band and color guard.

“They spent a lot of time filming each team along with a few extra dancers they brought in for specific dance effects,” sophomore Haley Sue Pearson said. “We weren’t sure if our team would make it into the video and we knew they had a lot of editing to do.

“We didn’t hear much between the time of filming and the release of the video, so seeing the end product was really exciting.”

The university did not allow the team to be filmed in their uniforms, but Rebel Athletic supplied the team with tops and skirts in Lipscomb’s colors.

While on set, the team met McCreery after a mishap with one of the sinks in the green room.

“It exploded and sent water everywhere,” Pearson said. “Our very gutsy Hailey Hines asked him if he had a hair dryer we could borrow. He rushed to his room and grabbed one for us along with towels.

“He also made a point to continually thank us for coming out and how great he thought we were. He was super nice and down to earth.”

The video was released on Monday and can be viewed on Youtube at McCreery’s VEVO channel.

“This was important for our team because it was a great way to put Lipscomb cheer on the map,” Pearson said. “With a new team, new coaching staff and new look, we are ready to show this school what we are made of. It was a fantastic way to start the new season together.”

Lipscomb cheer is always looking for talented students to join the team and support Lipscomb athletics.

“We support our athletic teams 110%,” coach Pearson said. “We are a team that is inclusive, hard-working and loving. If students are interested, they should contact someone to see about coming to practice to learn more about us.”

Photo screenshot of Southern Belle video

Photo attributed to VEVO

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