Opening April 6-8 in Collins Alumni Auditorium is Lipscomb’s annual musical showcase, Singarama.

This event features talents from all students, but specifically those in social clubs. Students are divided into three teams and will each put on a show with a complete storyline, song selection and choreography.

The theme for this year is “A Blast From The Past” and will only feature music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Each team was given a specific era and title from which to pull inspiration. The titles are “Far Out” (70s), directed by Meg Mortensen, “Totally Awesome” (80s), directed by Bethany Rowland and “Party On” (90s), directed by Jade Cummings.

“We’re trying to do some different things, a different kind of show,” Mortensen said. “Be looking for 70s lingo.”

Rowland is taking a different approach with her show for “Totally Awesome” and has based the show at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

“We are going to have five or six leads that will be really conflicting and really fun, and there will be a couple of plot twists here or there,” she said. “My junior year of high school after watching Singarama, I told my mom, ‘Yeah, I’m going to come to Lipscomb.’”

For “Party On,” Cummings said she wants the audience to be on the lookout for iconic costumes from the 90s.

“Cause who doesn’t love a ‘Rachel Green’ or a ‘Clueless’ type attire,” she said. “I love the music. We had so much fun finding music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and I’m really excited for the audience participation.”

Singarama’s three directors agree that the show unifies students, alumni and community attendees.

“It’s a great way for people to come together to create something, and it’s a special bonding thing to work together to get something done,” Mortensen said.

Rowland said she was initially skeptical of the theme “Blast From The Past,” but has grown to love the concept.

“It is just iconic,” she said. “Our parents and alumni are all going to know it and it’s cool to see the generations and how it changes.”

There will be four chances to catch the Singarama showcase April 6-8 in Collins Alumni Auditorium. Contact the Office of Campus Life for more information.

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