Months of hard work finally paid off for Tau Phi, as the men in the social club showcased their skills in the 39th annual Cowboy Show.

Directed by Tau Phi member Jonathan Flatt and assistant director Wyatt Eaton, the show featured both new and classical country hits.

“This has been two months of work,” Eaton said. “I know personally. I was at rehearsal five nights a week for five hours. I think everybody together just putting in time outside of it, and inside of it took a lot of time . . . days and days and days of preparation.”

Eaton said he would describe himself as “the man-power behind the show.”

Act 1 started off with a bang when members of Tau Phi sang, “John Deere (Tau Phi) Green.” The show featured a lot of variety, with solo, group and medley acts. The covers ranged from George Strait to Maddie & Tae.

Collins Alumni Auditorium was a packed house, with students, alumni and parents here for Lipscomb parents weekend filling the audience.

“The show was funny, but it also had some great vocalists,” student Kenan Sakic said. “I enjoyed it all the way through.”

The show also incorporates female vocalists on Lipscomb’s campus.

“I think we are all really proud of what we were able to put out there,” Pi Delta member Cassie Beth said.

The show always closes with “Cowboys Like Us” by George Strait. The current Tau Phi members invite alumni up on stage to join in the final song of the show.

“When they all sang the alumni song, and they brought up a bunch of guys that I know from the past, and that I still play soccer with, that was pretty interesting,” Sakic said.

“I think with anything live you’re going to have troubles with mic’s,” Eaton noted. “In general everything went really good; everything went really smooth.”

Photos from Anna Rogers can be found by clicking HERE.


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