The 1950’s-themed Full Moon Festival was in full swing last night, as social clubs Delta Omega and Theta Psi raised over $3,400 for N.I.C.E. and to provide awareness for drug and alcohol abuse by promoting “good, clean fun.”

And that’s just how the night began with Theta Psi member Luke Shoulders chanting, “Good, clean fun! Good, clean fun!” on stage.

The lineup featured several different students performing songs from the 50’s era, and more modern songs with a similar sound. Between songs, Shoulders discussed combating drug and alcohol abuse.

Some students like Alexa Williams, who performs professionally, come out every year to support the cause.

“I think this is one of the bigger alcohol awareness events that are out there that the social clubs do,” Williams said. “I’m not in Delta Omega or Theta Psi, but I still love coming. I think it brings a lot more people than other events do.”

Delta Omega philanthropy chair Katlyn Council said the clubs seek to provide this awareness by just showing students having a good time without the presence of drugs and alcohol.

“We show this awareness because no one here is doing drugs or drinking,” Council said. “We are seeing in our society that you can’t have fun without those things, and living that firsthand is more impactful than me telling you.”

Council added that the event raises money for a local organization called Nashville International Center for Empowerment (N.I.C.E.).

“Our event is dual purpose,” Council said. “So first we have the drug and alcohol awareness and also N.I.C.E as far as the fundraising part.”

N.I.C.E specifically works with refugees in Nashville. Refugees receive airport pick-up when they arrive and a place to live and learn things, such as improving their English.

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Photos by Mckenzi Harris

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