The newest male social club at Lipscomb, Theta Psi, took home first place for the fifth annual Stomp Fest presented by Kappa Iota Theta.

The Wolves, as Theta Psi is referred to by members and non-members alike, earned the judges respect after a stepping routine that caused an uproar of cheers from the crowd.

Senior Jeru Jorguenson was the captain behind Theta Psi’s FBI-themed routine, and all of the members stated that he was a major reason they won first place.

“Jeru Jorguenson was our coach. He’s been planning this [routine] for a long, long time, and it’s really exciting to see it pay off,” Theta Psi President Zach Bowen said, “For all of us, but especially for him and for the team. I’m so proud of them.”

“This is probably one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had at Lipscomb, and words cannot describe how happy I am,” Jorguenson said.

With the added pressures of coaching the team, this Stomp Fest experience was different than past ones for Jorguenson, and that made the win even sweeter.

“I’ve always had fun at Stomp Fest, but having all of the stress and all that stuff pay off at the end of it is amazing.” Jorguenson said.

Female social club Pi Delta took home second place on the night with a routine centered on storms.

During the show’s intermission, youth club Alpha Omega stomped to a Christian-themed routine that brought the crowd to their feet. The crowd-pleasing drill involved kids of all ages spouting off Bible verses while performing their moves.

The overall theme for the night was “Evolution,” and many of Lipscomb’s social clubs came up with themes of their own relating to that subject. A panel of judges chose the winner among the nine participating groups based off of a set of guidelines including the step routine and theme.

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Photos by Erin Turner

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