Lipscomb held its 129th commencement session in Allen Arena on Saturday afternoon. There were doctorates, masters and bachelor’s degrees presented at the ceremony.

“This is undoubtedly the most exciting day on campus,” said President Lowry.

Nancy Magnusson Durham gave the Faculty charges. Durham offered 4 charges to the students as they enter the workforce. Durham’s charges were originally from Carol Dweck in a concept she calls midset.

“Carol Dweck who is a social psychologist captures these charges in a concept she calls mindset. She’s demonstrated that those who stretch and take risks will accomplish more in the long run than those who are careful to do well,” said Durham.

“Success is not what ultimately will define and shape you,” said Durham.

Durham wished the graduates “all the happiness life has to offer.”

There was also graduation for the Life Students at the Tennessee Prison for Women on Thursday. 

“The students who were there to receive the degrees that some of you have received today worked longer at it had less opportunity to complete it, and yet were exceptional in their commitment and their tenacity.”

“It takes them 7 years to own an associate’s degree, and another 6 years to earn a bachelor’s degree.” 

“We see the same educational process taking place [both on campus and at the prison] with the same kind of passion where lives are changed.”

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