Lipscomb kicked off Black History Month by hosting a Black History-oriented trivia Wednesday night.

The event, which was held at the Bennett Campus Center, had students team up as they were tested on their knowledge of various people and events throughout Black history.

The Office of Intercultural Development and the Student Activities Board worked together on forming the event.

The two organizations had previously collaborated on numerous cultural events on campus, such as Welcome to Our World Week and Hispanic Heritage Month.

For Britany Gonzalez, a Junior Law, Justice, and Society major from Memphis and OID Intern, the trivia night was a success.

Especially since it was her first time hosting the event since she’s been an OID intern.

“We had a pretty good number of people show up and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves,” Gonzalez said.

“I would say it was an overall success!”

Britany Gonzalez
& Esteban Gonzalez

After four rounds of trivia, the teams found themselves competing in two different tiebreaker rounds.

Finally, Team “Goo-Goo Clusters” broke the tie by answering “When did Dr. Martin Luther King deliver his ‘I Have A Dream’ Speech?” correctly.

The team was comprised of Abigail Gunter, a sophomore Nursing major from Raleigh, NC,  Dustyn Baker, a Junior Theology and Ministry major from Atlanta, GA, Dan DiGrazia, a Sophomore Theology and Ministry major from Elgin, IL, and Tim Earles, a Junior Mechanical Engineering major from Damascus, MD.

The four students won tickets to The National Museum of African American Music and free merchandise for the museum’s gift shop.

Baker, along with his teammates, was excited to win the trivia contest after a challenging couple of rounds.

“When we came into the game, [Our team] had been going through a lot of ups and downs but once we got into the game, we came up on top!” Baker said.

“It felt good to get that championship!”  

The Goo-Goo Dolls all plan to celebrate their victory by taking a visit to the Museum of African American Music.

“There’s really no better way to celebrate!,” Earles said.

Photos in article by author, Cover photo of Team ‘Goo-Goo Clusters’

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