The student body elected Carson Panovec as SGA President after students voted Tuesday in Bennett Campus Center.

As President of SGA, Panovec said he plans to focus on advocating for students and communicating with administration.

“I would use SGA’s two most underused committees to: get ideas, feedback, and concerns from students, and increase communication and build relationships with the administration,” Panovec said. “This would allow SGA to take the thoughts and ideas of students to the administration to accomplish things that SGA couldn’t accomplish on its own.”

Stephen Hemmerly was elected as Vice President. Tyler Dove ran unopposed as Treasurer and Sierra Sparks ran unopposed as Secretary.

Senior Class Senators include: Brandon Cunningham, Brent Horswell, Matthew Jafari, Vince Law and Rebecca Robertson.

Hannah Fox, Leslie Garcia, Emilee Goss, Myron Sailors and Hanyi Yin will serve as Junior Class Senators.

Breckin Horton, Annie Moore and Jack Webber were elected as Sophomore Class Senators.

Senators-at-Large as well as Bachelor of Ugliness and Miss Lipscomb elections will be held on Thursday.

Students can vote for eight Senators-At-Large — Cole Buttrey, Gabby Cannone, Brooklyn Chalfant, Ralston Drake, Cheyenne Gavin, Hope Harmon, Ben Hemby, Hope Mironas, Mason Price, Ellory Overcast, Kenan Sakic, Jobane Stockard, Matt Welborn, Jordan Whitfield, Mitchell Wood and Kegan York.

Bachelor of Ugliness candidates include: Alex Csorba, Matt Forstoff, Matt Gibson, Addison Groves, Etherton Jonga, Chandler Montgomery, John Blake Parker and Jackson Smith.

Miss Lipscomb Candidates include: Anna Cannone, Esther Chung, Macy Cottrell, Sydney Ferrell, Jacky Gomez, Sarah Lavoie, Jhoselin Revolorio, Katie Scholl, Ansley Waller and Anne Ware.

Additional Reporting by Whitney Smith

Photo courtesy of Carson Panovec

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