Jacob Tremblay stuns audiences with his amazing portrayal of August “Auggie” Pullman in Wonder, the heart-wrenching fictional story of a young boy who was born with Treacher Collins syndrome.

The popular film has already grossed over 70 million dollars worldwide and has garnered media attention due to its universal themes of kindness and acceptance.

The audience is first introduced to Auggie when his parents decide he should attend a private school near their home in Manhattan. He had previously been homeschooled since kindergarten, but his mother (Julia Roberts) decided the first year of junior high school would be the perfect time to begin his education at a regular school.

The principal enlists three students to give Auggie a tour of the school so that he feels at home. The students are nervous to meet him at first, but Jack Will (Noah Jupe), one of the children asked to help, soon begins to build a friendship with Auggie.

The film focuses on Auggie’s struggles and his triumphs. It shows how Auggie affects those around him, both the stresses he puts on them due to his condition and the positive impact he has on their lives as well.

The film explores not only Auggie’s life but also the lives of his mother, father (Owen Wilson), sister (Izabela Vidovic) and friends he makes at his new school.

Wonder is a beautiful story that highlights the beauty that is on the inside. It is an excellent example to adults and children alike to never judge a book by its cover, to always give someone a chance and to accept people as they are.

This story is a great platform to show children that kindness makes a huge difference in someone’s life. The children watching this can see how Jack Will and Summer (Millie Davis) embrace Auggie as a part of their lives. They don’t do this because they feel sorry for him; they befriend him because they realize he is a fun and loving person who is worthy of friendship like every other student.

The morals displayed in Wonder are undoubtedly the reason it has become such a hit. With “choose kind” as its central message, this movie is the perfect film for the whole family.

Rating: 3/4


Photo courtesy of Lionsgate Films

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