The Contemporary Music Program is a fairly new department. Since its start just last year, the department has nearly tripled in size. Because of this, the department split into three ensembles to perform their fall concerts on different days in different locations.

The first group performed Nov. 7 in the Flatt Amphitheater. They showcased a lot of talent from the freshmen new to the program. The second group’s performance took place Monday night on the steps of Collins Alumni Auditorium. The final group performed in the Collins Auditorium Thursday night. All of the students thought it went extremely well.

“It went better than we were all thinking,” sophomore Jacalyn Thompson said. “You do these things with all this adrenaline thinking about all the things you have to do, but as soon as you’re on stage, everyone comes together with the same mindset that we’re gonna make this the best show that we can.”

Photos by Anna Rogers


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