Before the 52nd annual Dove Awards began Tuesday night, performers and nominees arrived at Lipscomb’s own McQuiddy Gym. 

The artists arrived with their guests, wearing their best attire, as hundreds of students and other onlookers gathered to watch. After checking in, the artists were guided inside McQuiddy to the red carpet. 

Cameras flashed and questions were directed to artists such as LeCrae, Lauren Daigle and for KING & COUNTRY. 

Zach Williams brought along his two children, and Jenn Johnson, a lead singer of Bethel, made an appearance in a stunning green dress. 

Another fashion standouts were Pastor Mike Jr. in a satin teal suit. He is known for his music with hits such as “I Got It” and his passionate sermons. He talked about his emotions that came up from being back on a college campus. 

“I just feel like a college kid all over again,” Pastor Mike said. “I’m excited to be here.”

His advice to Lipscomb students: “Take advantage of college and begin to grow your gift and become how God calls you to be.”

In an interview with Ellie Holcomb and two other members from the recent Faithful project, it was referred to as “a memorable evening.” Holcomb shared her excitement for the 12-song collaboration album made to address how God speaks to women. 

A real surprise on the carpet was an appearance from Miss Tennessee, Tally Bevis. She wore a sparkling champagne-colored dress and the classic crown and sash for her title. 

“Celebrating 100 years of Miss America, 52 years of the Dove Awards — it’s a really exciting evening,” Bevis said. 

As many other attendees mentioned, Bevis said she is excited about events returning since the pandemic: “It’s great to see everyone back together in person.” 

Kelly Nelon Clark of The Nelons, who are nominated for Bluegrass/Roots Album of the Year, said “We’re so thrilled; I want to hug everybody.” 

Jason Clark, her husband, spoke on all of the great music that has been produced from the pandemic and how people resonate with it. 

“All of that time at home, writing, arranging, and we had a lot more together time,” Clark said. “It wasn’t necessarily born out of writing rooms like in the past; it was born out of a time of adversity.”

Although the awards are primarily Christian music, there was a category for Inspirational Film of the Year. Kevin Quinn is an actor in one of the nominated films, A Week Away, and also starred on the Disney Channel show Bunk’d

A Week Away is one of my favorites, just personally, that I’ve done,” Quinn said. “It really was a life-changing experience.”

So many of the artists were grateful to be back at the Dove Awards as it returned in person this year. The red-carpet event gave many the opportunity to reunite with each other and their fans after such a long time away. 

Lumination will announce the winners of the Dove Awards after the event airs on Friday at 7 p.m. CDT. 

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