On March 31, DreamWorks added a 34th 3D animated movie to its collection with Boss Baby. The movie’s theme is centered around the importance of family.

Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) plays the Boss Baby, a newborn who works in management of Baby, Inc. He is sent to a family who works for their rival company, Puppy, Inc. to stop the company from releasing a super cuddly and cute puppy that will lower the sales of babies for good.

The mother is played by Lisa Kudrow (Friends), and the father is played by Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Show). The brother of the Boss Baby is reluctant of him and immediately notices that this baby is not like the others.

Upon the arrival of the baby, The Templeton’s (Tim, Ted and Janice) were enjoying life, just the three of them. Tim spent most of his time using his imagination, fighting pirates or trying to escape the clutches of up-to-no good villains.

His life was great until his parents decided to add another Templeton to the clan. The Boss Baby arrives, and Tim was highly suspicious from the beginning.

At first, Tim and Boss Baby are not friends in the slightest. The Boss Baby agrees to leave the family if he accomplishes his mission of stopping Puppy, Inc. from producing their product. It turns out that the CEO of the company was previously a Boss Baby and was pushed aside after he went to a family.

He swore his revenge on the baby company for what they did to him. Tim and his little brother succeed in stopping the CEO’s plans of revealing the puppy and in result, the Boss Baby was promoted to CEO and Tim gives him the job offer of being his little brother. The Boss Baby happily accepts the offer and joins the Templeton’s family.

The movie offers insight on the obstacles facing a growing family. The film features a lot of adult humor, but the storyline progresses fairly slowly throughout. The story is quite odd, and it’s difficult to take the movie seriously, although it is a good, absent-minded movie to take the family to.

The movie is rated PG.


Photo courtesy of DreamWorks



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