Lipscomb’s Quest team kicked off the week with the first tailgate of the semester in a combined effort with athletics.

The tailgate offered food from Taco Mama, free tank tops and a chance to sign up for service day. Service day will take place today from one till four. The Quest groups will take to different locations and do community service projects around the Nashville area.

Following the Bison Bash yesterday evening was a neon night at the Brentwood skate center. What’s a better way to make a first impression on fellow Lipscomb students than wiping out on roller skates?

After the neon night, students headed back to campus to participate in this semesters first “On Wednesdays, We Eat”. This event is held nearly every Wednesday on Lipscomb’s campus throughout the school year. Typically a Lipscomb student attending will get to watch a free concert from a local band and eat a one-dollar meal.

While the eating and free concert took place, the transfer students headed to Jeni’s on 12 South to mingle with other transfers.

The evening lasted till well past midnight and definitely offered a little something for everyone.

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