Yesterday afternoon, students traveled to several locations around Nashville for service day, dressed up for “the Event” and attended a hypnotist show.

Service day is when Quest leaders take students around Nashville to participate in clean-ups, organizing, entertainment and so many other things to serve the community around Nashville.

Some of the places students served at were: Radnor lake, Project C.U.R.E., Glencliff High School, Habitat Re-Store, Rocketown, Shelby Bottoms, Southerland Place and many others.

“The Event” is the black and white with a pop of color dinner where the Quest Team serves the students. There is live entertainment and a photo booth available at dinner as well.

The hypnotist show by Brian Imbus has become a Quest Week staple through the years and guaranteed entertainment for all. Imbus brings students onto the stage to hypnotize them as well as offering the audience a chance to be hypnotized in their seats.

Quest night two was full of entertainment and we’ve got another gallery full of it.

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