In Tuesday’s Gathering in Allen Arena, various faculty introduced Lipscomb’s new intercultural initiative, LIGHT, to the student body.

Dr. Terry Briley, donning the new, free LIGHT T-shirt, recalled the story of the Good Samaritan.

“Jesus doesn’t delve into the long-standing feud between the Jews and Samaritans,” Briley said. “Instead, he asks the question, ‘Which person was the neighbor to the wounded man?'”

Briley announced that the heart of Jesus’ parable was that Christians are to treat others with mercy, which is also the concept behind the LIGHT program.

Briley says the LIGHT program is geared toward breaking down walls of hostility.

“We are to see the light, be the light and call others to that light.”

Dr. Kimberly Reed followed Briley, articulating the more technical aspect of the program. She shared that every 10 years, the university attempts re-accreditation. As a part of that process, Lipscomb presents a Quality Enhance Plan that articulates the school’s mission and programs that will be offered to help achieve that mission.

“Lipscomb is accredited,” Reed said. “It signals to the world that we meet standards.” These standards Reed mentioned include not only academic rigor, but also character development.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will visit Lipscomb’s campus to better understand the proposed QEP.

The LIGHT program will not interfere with graduation requirements. Some courses will be marketed now as LIGHT courses, events will count for LIGHT credits and students can choose to be LIGHT scholars based on their participation with the program.

The ultimate goal of the program, Reed said, is to become more comfortable with communicating with those different from you.

“The mission of the LIGHT program is to prepare you with a collaborative engagement with different cultures in the world.”

President Randy Lowry closed the chapel service, enlightening the students on the importance of being intentional in reaching out.

“We will be a university that shines this light on the world,” Lowry added.

Students received free T-shirts at the end of the chapel service to wear when SACS visits.

The SACS will visit Lipscomb on Feb. 28 and March 1 to review Lipscomb’s QEP.

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