Brianna Burch is just one of the students who say the Global Learning Program has benefited them by offering opportunities to explore the world and enhance their educations in other cultures.

“Studying abroad not only allowed me to travel to places I’ve always wanted to visit, but it also offered me opportunities to appreciate different lifestyles and cultures in a uniquely immersive way,” said Burch, of the program that takes students to 40-plus different locales. “My international experiences helped me develop professional skills and embrace my own independence, all while having the adventure of a lifetime.”

Burch, an English literature and French major, has been to the UK, Italy, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Vatican City as part of the program.

Kristen Hodge, a Lipscomb University graduate, went to Florence, Italy with the Global Learning Program, and “I loved every second of it,” she said.

“Traveling with my friends is an experience I’ll never forget. Being able to explore new places and learn about new cultures is a beautiful experience.”

While traveling abroad, students can take courses in other countries that relate to their majors. Trips vary in length and can go for a couple of weeks or for an entire semester.

Not only does the Global Learning Program allow students to explore interesting places, but the trips also give a sense of global knowledge and experience.

Florence, London, Vienna, and Costa Rica are a few of the many places the Undergraduate Programs offer. Graduates programs are offered in many other locations, including Germany, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, and Israel.

If you’re interested in studying abroad, click here for more information.

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