When you’re gluten-free, one of the main things you’ll miss is a hearty piece of thick, chewy bread. In the gluten-free world, that’s hard to come by. And, if you think it’s hard to find good, thick gluten-free bread at the store, try finding it on a menu.

Here’s your remedy: Fido. Located only 10 minutes from campus in Hillsboro Village, Fido offers a refreshing collection of gluten-free snacks, bread, and other treats. Fido also offers a boatload of other vegetarian, vegan, and ethnically-diverse breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack offerings. And, for those of us who are late-risers, good news: Fido serves breakfast all day.

If you haven’t already learned this about me, I tend to have a favorite menu item at my preferred dining spots. Fido is no exception. My go-to lunch/dinner item at Fido is their BLT. This BLT comes on a sourdough bread, unless you’re gluten-free, in which case you’ll upgrade to their fabulous, Texas Toast-style gluten-free bread. (I heard they’ve been out of this bread for a couple of weeks and are hoping to get it back in stock soon.) Add on generous offerings of applewood-smoked bacon and the classic fresh lettuce and tomato slices, and you’ve got yourself quite a substantial sandwich. The cherry on top is their aioli, which is very dip-able paired with Fido’s included side of fries or roasted sweet potatoes. (You know this gal loves a good aioli.)

One of the best parts of the meal is that it’s filling; it’s not the gluten-free, vegan, and, consequently tasteless $25 meal that leaves you hungry in an hour. For $11 (or $12.50 with gluten-free bread, when they have it in stock), it’s a fairly affordable dinner, especially considering it comes with a generous helping of fries.

So, just to reiterate, Fido is within a 4 mile radius of campus, it offers something for virtually every palette, it’s tasty, and it’s fairly inexpensive, considering the substantial portion size. I’d call that another win on the gluten-free front. Go check it out!

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