The much-anticipated Justice League captures the essence of what it means to be a hero. The world is in disarray after the death of Superman (Henry Cavill) and is in need of heroes.

With an alien invasion imminent, headed by the conquerer Steppenwolf, the Caped Crusader (Ben Affleck) with help from Wonder Woman, (Gal Gadot) set out to recruit others to defend earth.

After Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and The Flash (Ezra Miller) join the fight, they are immediately tasked with protecting the last Mother Box. There are three Mother Boxes and when combined, they become the Unity and changes the world into Steppenwolf’s home world of Apokolips.

Realizing what they are up against, the team must come together to stop this threat.

The significance of Superman is shown throughout the movie. His absence helps with the development of other characters. While Superman was alive, he was the shining light that others could look to.

Wonder Woman let that light shine so she didn’t have to shine hers, still dealing with the loss of her love, Steve Trevor. Batman feels that Superman’s death was his fault and bringing him back to life will undo his wrong.

Newcomers, Cyborg and The Flash, both deal with what a hero means to them. The Flash is trying to get his father out of prison. His focus is proving his dad’s innocence rather than becoming a hero. Cyborg, not wanting his newly attained powers, feels that he is losing what is making him human. His struggles come from his relationship with his father and deciding if he is man or machine.

Aquaman has struggled with his heritage, being left on his human father’s doorstep by his Atlantean mother. He neglects his Atlantean roots but when the invasion starts, he soon realizes he needs to be the hero of both Atlantis and Earth.

The 2012 Marvel team up movie, The Avengers, is a good comparison. Justice League was more focused on making a movie that sets the scene for the character’s spin off movies, whereas The Avengers was the follow up of each character’s movies. Having one movie that each character starts out in makes for a cleaner transition into their individual stories.

The main villain for the Avengers is not clear. Yes, Loki is causing havoc, but you learn later that there is a bigger villain. Steppenwolf is the clear villain and allows the viewer to have a better understanding of what the Justice League is up against.

Director Zack Snyder does yet another tremendous job in capturing the true nature of the superheroes of DC. The grit and fantasy that was captured in the City of Gotham was exactly the way it need to be portrayed.

Additionally, this film perfectly sets up upcoming movies, Aquaman (2018) and The Flash (2020)



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