Les Miserables brought in a large crowd to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, for its opening night. The award-winning show made its way to Nashville as a part of the national tour.

The musical follows the fictional Jean Valjean on his journey from a prisoner to a successful businessman. The show tracks his sorrows, his moral triumphs and his place in the French Revolution.

Valjean’s life is a portrayal of redemption and growth through God and the kindness of God’s people. He exhibits the traits of a forgiven man who is secure in his relationship with God.

Les Miserables is an informative production that displays the terrible climate of France during its revolution. It highlights the suffering and injustice of the time and applauds the citizens’ thirst for equality and justice throughout the country.

The raw emotion of each scene is touching and has the audience contemplating what is most important in life. There are Christian themes throughout as well as themes of integrity and true love. The messages portrayed throughout the entire show are timeless and can touch any heart no matter the circumstance.

The show was creative and elaborate for a traveling production.  The actors’ voices were amazing but the acting itself was underwhelming. Many of the songs were vocally astounding but were unequally accompanied by tired acting.

Though the acting was dull, the well-designed set was the opposite. The elaborate, French set was dynamic and eye-catching. The war scenes were beautifully crafted and the smooth transitions between scenes kept the audience’s attention.

The production was well received by the audience.  Most scenes were met with cheering and laughing. The cast was given a standing ovation at the end of the night. It was clear that the show was a financial success for the Tennessee Performing Arts Center and was considered a creative success by many as well.

Tickets are still on sale for upcoming productions at http://tpac.theatrenashville.com.

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