Lipscomb alumna Brianne Welch is using the skills and passions she gained from her education at Lipscomb University, in her career today.

Welch says she knew from a young age that journalism was her passion.

“We had one of those little elementary school news teams that elementary schools have. I did that and I loved it, and I told my mom, ‘That’s what I want to do,’” Welch says. Her softball career at Lipscomb, as well as her love for college football, inspired her to choose sports journalism as a career.

Aside from the knowledge, skillset and passion that her Lipscomb experience equipped her with, she also learned how to prioritize her time as a college athlete. This skill can be very important for anyone person wanting to enter the journalism world.

She has had multiple opportunities in the journalism field, her first position being an anchor for KTAB/KRBC-TV in Abilene, Texas. She currently is the sports director at WCBD News 2 in Charleston. She has worked on a Sunday night sports only show and has had opportunities to cover the Fiesta Bowl for the playoffs as well as the Cotton Bowl. She is hopeful to be covering the national championships in the future.

Ultimately she speaks of her experience in the Lipscomb communication department as, “I really loved being able to tell people’s stories whenever I get the chance.”

Welch gets real as she shares her imparting wisdom upon future journalists: “You really have to have a really good work ethic…The hours are not good, you’re not really going to have a social life… you need to actually love it if you get into, otherwise, you won’t last very long…You’re not going to always get to do the things you want to do…but if you know all that and you still want to do it, then its a lot of fun and you’re going to have great experiences. You just have to work hard and want to do it.”

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