Lipscomb alumnus Trevor Gormley founded the “Millennial View” after a self-realization that companies have trouble managing and retaining millennial employees.

Since the foundation of the Millennial View, the company has appeared in Ink Magazine, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Los Angeles Times and Sports Illustrated, and Gormley himself appeared on CNBC four times.

“We help businesses manage, recruit, retain and market to the millennial demographic,” said Lipscomb student Michael Levashov, the Millennial View’s Director of Research.

Levashov, a Financial Markets and Accounting double major at Lipscomb, currently conducts research and builds courses for the company.

He first met Gormley through Alpha Kappa Psi, an international professional business fraternity on campus. Through the connection of Alpha Kappa Psi, Gormley also appointed Lipscomb student Hannah Kraebel as the Head of Strategic Execution.

The Millennial View exists not only as a consulting firm, but its founders also seek to empower millennial students and employees to recognize their value.

They said they want students to know they don’t have to have any kind of degree or certification to impact the world; they hope the impact of the Millennial View will encourage an independent mindset that will create a ripple effect for generations to come.

“Our ability to learn and solve problems is a lot higher than any other generation,” Levashov said. “We were born and raised with the ability to access information. We can find ways to solve problems a lot faster than other generations.”

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