Lipscomb announced earlier this week the appointment of Dr. Al Sturgeon, a former Dean of Students and Dean of Graduate Programs at Pepperdine University, as the new Vice President of Student Life.

Sturgeon’s appointment follows the departure of Scott McDowell. McDowell served as Lipscomb’s Vice President of Student Life from 2014 until last summer, when he took the same position at Abilene Christian University.

President Lowry spoke about the “rigorous search” for a new Vice President in a letter to Lipscomb faculty.

“We did not rely on just those applying for the position but sought to contact all in the field who might be a strong fit for the position at Lipscomb,” Lowry said.

In a letter to students, President Lowry spoke about what made Sturgeon stand out from the other candidates.

“Dr. Sturgeon has a passion for Christian education and for impacting the lives of young people and views the role of the Student Life office as integral to the learning process,” Lowry said.

Sturgeon currently serves as the preaching minister for University Church of Christ in Malibu, California, but he will be relocating to Nashville in March. In a personal blog post, Sturgeon discussed his upcoming career transition.

“I am humbled and honored to serve in this important role and join the Lipscomb community, but it will be difficult to say goodbye to the Pepperdine community that has been our family for the past eleven years,” he said.

“But for my sweet wife and I, it is very clear that we have been called to another stage of this pilgrimage called life. I can say that a decision ‘has never been clearer,’ but in fact we have experienced such clarity on a few other memorable occasions.”

In a Lipscomb news release, Sturgeon expressed his plans to build partnerships with students and faculty.

“As a student life professional, it is a privilege to partner with the faculty in student development and cultivate a community of love and respect for all students,” he said. “It is critical to me that every student is heard, respected and loved.”.

Sturgeon is expected to arrive on campus mid-March. President Lowry said in his letter that students will have “several opportunities to meet [Sturgeon] and to share your thoughts and ideas with him.”

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